17th of November

Click here or on thumbs above to see and learn more about the, ahem, "Medium-Sized" girls of the upcoming set! Next week I'll show you the really Big girls, and the new set will start!!! Today for the last time new pics of Ning and Lu (left), and of Em and Bee, who also appear in the movies, next to Jum (see stills below)!

Below: some Boobarellas from next Monday's update at candiddingdongs.com!!
Nov 10 - New Girls Introduction!!! Click on thumbs above or here to see and learn more about the first 7 of our great new girls from the upcoming set!! As usual, we start with the "smaller"-breasted girls (bigger ones next week)!! Regular Update: Last pics of Nang, Par, Nut and Noo!! And in the movies: Pen&Toh, Noo showing off her bottom-cleavage, and Naughty Ning getting roughly throat-pumped, including massive facial cumshot (see below)!!!
Below: More Busty Street-Sightings and "Miss One-Foot-Cleavage" Monday new at CDD!!!
3rd of November

Back from DDL!! And again, I collected more material than ever before - from next week the new squad of girls will be introduced!! For all lurkers who consider to get a membership: get it now since I will have to raise fees soon (due to the free fall of the Dollar) - important: existing memberships will keep their rates!! - Today more of Lu, Nung (left and right), Noo, Pen & Toh!

...And 3 new movies (see below): Lu walking, Nut dancing, and Ning sucking and bouncing!!
Below: learn more about the "offside-tit-trap", Monday new at CandidDingDongs.com!
27th of October

Slowly, my stay here in DDL comes to and end - left and right more samples from the upcoming set with bigger & better Sinee, newbies Pat (left), Wi - and Pant,

who received her 3rd facial cumshot just an hour ago! Regular update with more of Bee, Orna, Sinee and Bon! Three new clips with Jum pumping her Jumbos, Horny Bee and Bouncy Em!!
Below: Black and Latin Juggarellas and more coming Monday new at candiddingdongs.com!!
20th of October

Still working hard for you in DDL! Met again Poo this week (left)!! On the right another two newcomers -got so many girls by now...!! And finally, Em actually puked on my dick - Good Girl! - Regular update with more of Par, Ning, Yui, Em, and again 3 new movies (see below):

Titmouse Noo in red and braless, Raunchy Em getting a good grab, and Naughty Ning, talking dirty and receiving another massive facial cumshot!!! (Met her yesterday - wanna see her again?)
Below: a glimpse on what's coming up next Monday new at candiddingdongs.com!!
13th of October - Just returned from quick hop-over to Tokyo to escape the heat, but now I'm back in good ol' DDL! - So far I got 13 models, on the left just 3 of them:
Nen, Pay (!), and the wonderful, young newcomer Duan! - Regular update today with more new pics of Tik, Lu, Sunisa and Jum! In the movies another tittydance with Pen&Toh, C**ksucker Ning, and Em as schoolgirl! Got a fantastic new facial cumshot with Em! She's a great gagger, almost puked on it! Also creamed again Pant's fuck-face with a full load in her wide open mouth!!!
Below: Runners, Stunners and Monster-Milkmaids, coming Monday new at CDD!!
6th of October

On the left a quick glimpse on what I'm doing here in DDL: newcomer Malee, Nee and her three "babies", and one girl you haven't seen for a long time: Lek is back!! - Three new movies: Pim, teasing&dancing in 2 outfits, Ponderous Par and Raunchy Em getting reamed (see below)! More pics of Sinee, Bee, Orna, Noo!

Below: Big-Bust-Stunners from the US, England, Spain and Italy, coming next at CDD!!
29th of September

Greetings from DDL!!! It's so nice to be back! And I already met so many girls just on the first 2 days: Nen, Em, Par, Orna, Nung - and Nee: pregnant 9th month!!!

Guess you would like to see if her megajugs got even bigger?!! ;-) I just started to collect a bunch of cute newcomers (got 5 already) - but let me finish the current set first, today with new pics of Bon, Ning, Em and Par (top, left to right)! And again 3 new movies: Nut, proudly thrusting out her rack, Superbig Yui, and Naughty Ning as doggystyle-schoolgirl, receiving a massive facial cumshot!!!
Below: HipHop-Hoochies, Gangbrides and "Miss 1-Foot-Cleavage" coming next at CDD!!!
Clip Repost Week!! 15 clips, including the "History of Nee": follow the career of FDD's Superstar and watch her growing from a cute H-Cup Teenybopper to the Cum-Gargling 120incher!!! Plus clips of youngsters Yu and Poo (bra /no bra), of Bomb-Bust-Beauties Pay and Lek and a clip of Pant you haven't seen before, showing her current size: bigger than ever!!!
Going to DingDongLand next week!!! Updates continue as usual - current set still got great stuff, today new pics of Lu, Nung, Yui and Noo (right)! - plus 3 new movies: Jum's Jumbos getting weighed and twisted, Ning getting throat-pumped (facial cumshot next week!), and teen-tit-teaser Bee (see stills)!!
Below: meaty cleavages, pushed up torpedoes and free hugs Monday new at Candid Ding Dongs!
September 15

More new pics of Pim, Pen & Toh, Jum and Orna (left to right)! And again three new movies (see below)!!:

Watch our two 'schoolgirls' Em and Par acting together: Em (no bra) plays the slutty, who leads Par, the shy one! See Bon in two outfits, getting pumped from behind ;-) And wonderful Ning, first giving her orbs a good bounce, then sucking a fat cock! - Fot the next two months, you will get three new clips in every update, which also means: one new hardcore clip every week!!!
Below: Teen Tit Dreams & more, coming Monday new at candiddingdongs.com!!!
8th of September

Going back to DDL this month! Thanks for your suggestions (more, more)! - Today new pics of Nut, Sinee, Sunisa and Bee (left to right)!!

Three new movies (see below): Sinee taking off her cardigan (gulp), Pen & Toh playing & fighting (long clip!), and raunchy Em dancing to rap, showing how nicely she can move her little bum!!
Below: amazing Teen-Racks and US-Jugs coming Monday new at candiddingdongs.com!!
1st of September

Planning my upcoming trip to Ding Dong Land!! What (and whom) would you like to see in the next set? Let me know!

Today's update with more stunning pics of Bon, Nang, Tik and Ning!! - In the movies, you will see Pim dancing - and Naughty Ning in the very first hardcore clip I took with her (left)!!
Below: bouncy whoppers and monsterjugs, coming Monday new at candiddingdongs.com!!
25th of August

More exciting pics of classy Lu and raunchy Em (left), of Titmouse Noo and Paralyzing Par (right) in most inviting poses!

Three new movies!: showing Pneumatic Noo and Naughty Ning getting pumped and grabbed, whereas Nut thrusts out her thrillers!
Below: a fresh breast-breeze from London blowing Monday at candiddingdongs.com!!
Big Teen-Tit-Dream-Repost!! Watch again Superbaby Pla, Cutie Cor, the young Bon, sexy sultry Nam, teenybopper Nan and the always cockhungry 'schoolgirl' Pant in the movies section!! Lots of Wobbling, Grabbing, Milking and Throat-Pumping!!!
The regular update comes with charming new images of majestic Yui, Nung with/without bra (left), lowslung Jum and pretty & proud SuperOrna!
New movie clips showing lots of Jum's bottom cleavage (left), and happyface Bee, having fun with her first big dick (right)! It's so cute to see (and hear) her teasing it, playing the shy, innocent girl...! :)
Below: great new flesh-racks, coming Monday new at candiddingdongs.com (click thumbs)!!
11th of August

For today, we've got more impressions from Sinee, Pim (left), Happy Bee (testing the meat), Pen&Toh (right)!

Naughty Ning is one of the most popular girls of the current set - see her in another new hardcore clip (left)! - And for the first time ever on video: sexy Sunisa (right)!
Below: a glimpse on what's coming next Monday new at candiddingdongs.com!!
4th of August

Great new images of Notorious Nut, Naughty Ning (left), Titillating Tik and Beautiful Bon in a way you haven't seen her yet (right)...

In the movies, you will get a new clip of our most endearing Yui, the biggest of the current squad - and of Bountiful Bon, training her marvellous body (lots of bouncing!!) in her daily workout routine...
Below: Big-Boob-Sightings from Miami and Milan, coming Monday at candiddingdongs.com!!
28th of July

More pics of Orna, Em (left), Par and Noo (right)! 3 great new movies with Nut, Lowslung Lu, and Ning, receiving a good suck-lesson!!

Below: Massive Miami-Mams, coming Monday new at candiddingdongs.com!!!